Five things to talk about on a first date

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EVERYONE gets nervous for their first date. It’s hard to think of topics to talk about when you’re too busy concentrating on how much sweat is pouring out of you. Your mind goes into overdrive about how you look, how you smell and whether or not you have something in your teeth.  You want to showcase your best qualities and impress your dating partner, sometimes it doesn’t come naturally.

But when you think about it, it can be pretty easy to get to know someone on a first date. Just a few simple questions about their life can jump start huge conversations. Finding things in common can be an easy way to break the ice. Sometimes, it’s the simpler topics that can tell you all you need to know about your date.


  1. Career Aspirations.

It’s always great to find someone who wants the best out of life, someone who wants to achieve big things. If you have goals in your life, talk about them. It helps to make you look determined and committed. Also, no one wants to date a person with no goals, it comes across as lazy and you need someone to match your commitment and drive. Be passionate about your goals and show how serious you are about achieving them. Job topics are interesting as you could meet someone who has a career you didn’t know a lot about or even a career you had never even heard of. This could lead to so many topics and it’s never too late to learn something new.


What’s your favourite movie? Your favourite food? Questions like these can tell you a lot about your dating partner. If their favourite food is cheeseburgers, brilliant! You can take them to pretty much any restaurant you want. Die Hard is their favourite movie? It could mean they love action and suspense and want to be kept on their toes, plus they must love Bruce Willis and who could argue with that? Who doesn’t love telling people what they enjoy? If you end up finding some similarities, that’s great! That could mean you’ve bagged yourself a second date.


Discussing your disinterest can be vital information and just as fun as talking about your interests. It can be important to know what they hate, it can help you avoid a very awkward second date. If they don’t like clowns and you take them to the circus… It will definitely not end well. However, it can always turn into a bit of flirty teasing if it’s something they don’t mind laughing about. Why waste time with someone who doesn’t enjoy some flirty banter?



  1. Stranded Island.

It’s a very common date game to play in today’s age. It can be really enjoyable and tell you what your dating partner likes and values in life. For example questions like, who would you want to be stranded on an island with? Or what 3 things would you bring on your stranded island? This can show you a lot about what your partner values. You can always add follow up questions to find out more. Like why do they want Danny DeVito on a stranded island with them?  It can tell you a lot about their favourite people and possessions.




  1. Friends and Family.

A more obvious topic but something that can definitely spark interesting stories. If they are still close with childhood friends and what their favourite memory of them is. It can also take the pressure off your date by talking about other people. When it comes to questions about your date’s family, how they answer can tell you a lot about their upbringing and their values.  You can find out where they grew up, what they did for fun with their family and any odd traditions they have.


It can always be daunting trying to keep the conversations flowing on a first date, we all get scared and want to show off all our best qualities. The most important thing to remember is that if you find there are too many awkward silences, chances are they aren’t the right one for you. You want someone fun and fascinating to keep you wanting more. Be yourself, be honest! They need to like you for just being you. At the end of the night you just want to have had fun with it! Hopefully a second date will surely be on the calendar soon enough.

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