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Hang up your towel and relax at Eden Spa located at Down Hall Hotel, Hatfield Heath

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Without a doubt, I’ve never felt more relaxed then when I visited the Eden Spa at Down Hall Hotel. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and felt completely at ease. The moment I stepped through the doors, all my problems melted away with the calming music, peaceful atmosphere and the smell of essential oils.

Inside the spa were four luxury treatment rooms. This included three single rooms and one double room, which is perfect for couples or friends to enjoy the experience together. I chose to have a personalised express facial, which was 25 minutes long and cost £42.

ESPA products that are used in treatments.

Before the treatment, I was asked my skin type (combination) and told my therapist my main skin issues – I struggle with dull skin. She then created the perfect concoction to help. The products used were ESPA natural skin and spa products for their facials and body treatments, which had my skin glowing and left a hydrating feel behind. They used a cleanser, exfoliator, facemask and serum and even gave you a head massage, which was lovely. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth the money because the staff take their time.

Hydrotherapy pool at Eden Spa

After being told the importance of staying hydrated, I was given towels, a robe and slippers to prepare for the wet room. Right in the middle of the room, there was a hydrotherapy pool maintained at 36 degrees to help resolve aches and pains. Located to the left was a steam room, which helps improve circulation through the body and relieves tension.

There was also a sauna – great for removing toxins from the body. On the left were relaxation beds, which proved to be a particular favourite for me because they were so soft and comfortable. They were electrically operated and I was able to lie in all many different positions, whilst listening to calming music. The wet spa costs £20 for two hours and you must be 18 and over to use it.

Once finished, I went into the changing rooms and got ready to go home. My only issue was that the showers had frosted glass, so people could see you through it. This made me feel uncomfortable and I had to put my towel over the door.

Overall, my experience was amazing; the Eden Spa is a great place to visit! The ideal place to have some time away from our busy lives and treat our bodies. I will definitely be going back again.





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