How does the development of Technology affect coders and future engineers?

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Technology has come so far in this day and age but what does the future of technology hold. Spotlight report Rebecca Edwards investigates.

THE TECH industry has come a long way from where it once was. Over time the tech industry has developed, grown and has led to many different discoveries, from the development of space travel and satellites to growth and development of the gaming industry creating vital reality and almost lifelike graphics. But how much is this affecting the industries that fall under the large tech umbrella and how will it change further?

The coding industry is wide and diverse, with the development of online media and gaming. Where does this lead the areas of the tech industry to and how does this benefit those involved in coding?

TECH: Learning how to code through online tutorials.

Marcus Michaels, lead front-end developer at Receipt Bank, said: “The more we learn, the more we build, and the easier it is to build even more amazing and useful things. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are prime examples of something that years ago was reserved for the smartest elite, but now it’s accessible for any developer to use who’s willing to learn something new.”

We’re looking at the advancement relating to space exploration and developing new technology, alongside the creation and continuing development of artificial intelligence, technology has also brought us closer together. This has been through mediums such as social media and in the process has allowed us to express ourselves on sites such as Instagram.

Tiffany Janzen a developer and coding Youtuber said: “I think there can be a lot of positives that technology can bring to my life. It has connected me with some great people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise through platforms like social media. I think it will continue to enhance my day-to-day life and make tasks easier as more things become automated. Like everything, there are good and bad sides to both. But I do think the rise of technology will continue to bring benefits to my daily life.”

Technology has played a massive role in our lives. With portable technology such as iPads and smartphones, it has made work easier to do on the go. For example, weather forecasts that you can access on your phone or through devices such as Alexa or Google home, and that is something that has developed more over time with voice-activated devices where it has made it easier to play music around the home and order items without even picking up our laptop or phone. In addition, there is the development of facial recognition software that is now commonly used in smartphones.

Looking at the retail side of how the development of technology has changed, Instagram has recently added the ability to tag products in photos, so you don’t need to hunt down something you want to buy, in addition to companies such as ASOS becoming a giant in the clothing industry.

However, some prefer the physical way of shopping for clothing. For example,  if you prefer to see how it would look and you want it right there and then, High Street shopping is preferable.

But is this different when it comes to food as well as getting from point A to B? Tiffany said: “Elements that have been replaced by technology include food ordering from the phone to now on apps, getting rides from taxis to now Uber or Lyft, booking services on apps, so many elements that can be converted to online or app-based services are doing so. This is because we have become accustomed to wanting everything right away and looking down at our phone to get it.”

TECH: Harlow College engineering Calum Doryng on the left and Franklin Griffiths.

But does this viewpoint change when it comes to different industries such as engineering? With the development of space technology and more, what does the future generation think?

Franklin Griffiths  an engineering student at Harlow College: “It will make our jobs a bit easier because we’ll have to do less, and everything is going to be done with a press of a button, but it could mean we become unemployed.”

The main worry when it comes to technology developing further is that this could lead to unemployment. However,  a statement in an article by Heart Radio Dr Davide Valeriani, previously a senior research officer at Essex University, reads: “The use of a single arbiter has been shown to result in worse decisions. This research shows the benefits available when humans and machines work together, as peers, on the same task. Humans have specific strengths, machines have others – by bringing these different skills to the party we get more than the sum of the parts.”

With the development of technology, there might be surprised in the mix in the future. For example, Calum Doryng an engineering student at Harlow College said: “I imagine in the future on the fashion side that we would see clothes that can change appearance at the touch of a button. Technology is always getting better and more precise, with less room for error and everything is just going to be more efficient.”

Anything is possible with the fast development and evolution of the industry. With hints of travelling to Mars and space tourism projects, along with the rise of Vital Reality in gaming and the ever-growing dependence on technology. If you actually ‘think’ it, it will possibly happen.

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