London Olympia opens its doors for the Mind Body and Spirit festival

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WHEN we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, people turn to a variety of different ways of coping. Some use music, exercise, reading and so many more. However, the Mind Body and Spirit festival provides an escape for those who are struggling with stress and welcomed people of all cultures. The festival included various stalls that sold teas, oils, healing classes and much more.

Since being founded in 1977 the festival have welcomed the public with a free stage every year. This allowed performers to showcase different talents that ranged from music, singing, dancing and poetry. The various acts gave the audience an insight to their music and how they expressed their feelings, encouraging the audiences to feel safe to join in.

It opens a new way of bringing people together that is safe and free of judgement. The festival provided non-stop entertainment from silent interactive disco’s to workshops with Youtubers from the ASMR community. Autonomous sensory meridian response is an experience where a static-like or tingling sensation happens on the skin from specific movements or sounds. Youtubers provide this on their channels to help viewers relax and sometimes help them to fall asleep.

People from all around the country come together to celebrate well-being and cultural differences. It is a comfortable environment that lets people express their feelings and enjoy each other’s beliefs. The festival carries on in Birmingham on November 1-3 2019 and followed by London’s festival May 22-25 2020. You can book your tickets now on

Google Maps view of London Olympia where the event is held.


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