Never has a better phoenix metaphor been personified than in the revival of S-line Cars

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Reporter, Natalia Dabrowska interviews the owners of S-line Cars about their newly open cab company and finds out their hopes for the future

NEW but old cab company, S-line Cars from Harlow are back and their aim is to provide a remarkable service with the cheapest fares in town to show the competition how it should be done.

The family ran company used to be open few years ago, but due to a family bereavement – which made it difficult for the employees of S-line to carry on – they all decided to let the business go.

Business partner of S-line Cars, Saj Hussan explained where the name of the company comes from “When we first opened up last time, each one of our initials started with an ‘s’, and then we just put it as ‘S-line’

“You can sit here for days on end trying to work out what are we going to call the company. All of us are Saj, Zab, Saf and we all wanted to call it ‘S-line’.”

For many years Harlow has been dominated by two main cab companies, S-line owners saw the issue and the need for another competitor on the market.

Business partner Saj Hussan pictured at the head office of S-Line Cars in Harlow
Business partner Saj Hussan pictured at the head office of S-Line Cars in Harlow

Saj Hussan said; “All of us got together and decided that it could be a good idea to restart the business up, and then within few weeks of sitting down and deciding there we were.”

As explained by the owners of S-line, the customers used to only be able to choose between the two main companies and now they have S-line as well. A cheaper company with a guarantee of providing a service you deserve.

Over the past few years taxi fares have increased drastically causing everyone to pay a fortune for short cab journeys. The owners of S-line decided to step in and bring the fares right back to where they should be.

Zab Hussain, who is a business partner of S-line said; “We’ve been cab drivers for 10 years now and where we pick up customers, the fares are too high.

“People going from a to b paying £6-£7 for a short journey – it’s not right. So, there’s definitely a gap in the market and the customers love us.”

Many of their old customers have already moved back to them because of their previous reputation and amazing prices. The comments on their Facebook page show that people have been waiting for them to come back.

A phone operators pictured at the S-Line Cars head office in Harlow
A phone operator pictured at the S-Line Cars head office in Harlow

When the company announced that they are coming back, one of the Facebook users from Harlow said; “I’m over the moon S-line Cars Harlow, I used your service all the time before you stopped running. You were so much more reliable. Faith has been restored! You’re the only decent cab company I have ever used.”

Saj Hussan added; “The good thing is, we are originally from the town born and bred, we have that respect between the customer and the driver.”

We’ve all had bad experiences with cabs in Harlow, their customer service skills are not always great and ultimately, we pay to be provided a good service. However, S-line’s motto is to deliver an outstanding service, because there is nothing worse than having a snobby cab driver, or a phone operator who is just bluntly rude.

Saj Hussan said; “It’s all about customer service at the end of the day and we’re in that kind of field so you have to be able to deliver that. Because wherever you go you expect that, if you are paying for a service you expect a service to be delivered”

Bad customer service is often delivered because of the way an employee is treated by their management, so it is very important that the company treats their employees well. When speaking to Joey Smith who is a phone operator at S-line he described the company as “trustworthy, honest and a good value for money”

Joey who also worked for other cab companies said that this is the best company he worked for because of “the management and the ways you are treated – you are treated as a part of a family as oppose to just an employee.”

When asked about their hopes for the future, Zab Hussain said; “As any company, we obviously want to expand. We want the customers to have S-line at the top so when they want a cab S-line would be their choice and that’s our aim for the future.”

Cabs have been around since 17th century in the UK providing the most convenient forms of public transport. We use them on daily basis, some more than others. We use them on our way to the airport, when we have to get to work and back, or after a night out. It is crucial that more companies like S-line open up, with the same motto’s, the same priorities. Companies who respect their customers and provide a great service without charging ridiculous amount of money.

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