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Structural engineering company is ‘the fabric of building’ in Bishop’s Stortford

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Journalism student Zenya Betton had the pleasure of interviewing some members of staff at Marks Heeley Ltd in Bishop’s Stortford. 

MARKS Heeley Ltd is a civil and structural engineering consultant company that takes pride in providing structural calculations and drawings for other companies and tradesmen that plan to build buildings of their own.

The practice was established in 1963 as a partnership with offices in London and Southampton. Further on, associated offices are located in Dubai, Spain, and the Turks and Caicos Isles. In 1992, its head office was relocated to its current location, where the directors and other technical and support staff work.

Marks Heeley Ltd has considerable amount of experience in the following market sectors: Hotels and leisure, health, retail, refurbishment and conservation, residential, education, design and build, industrial, defence, estate management, public private partnerships.

The company, which is based in Bishop’s Stortford, currently has a total of 36 recent projects that they’ve collaborated on with some of the country’s most well-known companies, such as, Tesco, the Browns Hotel, Hard Rock Café and many more.

One of Marks Heeley Ltd’s most recent projects was with a Tesco store in Chatteris as pictured.

Mark Newman, the lead Director, says that Marks Heeley Ltd has a good and long history with previous partnerships with other companies. He mentioned: “Repeat business is our main form of PR; we are frequently recommended within the industry from one company to another. We have an adequate amount of regular customers that seek services from us, and we happily deliver each and every time.”

Mark Newman, Director of the Marks Heeley Ltd in Bishop’s Stortford.

Mark, 35, has always taken a high interest in structural engineering. Many of his family members are within the industry, which encouraged Mark to study civil engineering in university. He graduated with a Bachelor Science Honour’s degree at Anglia Ruskin University in 2011. Mark takes pride in being a businessman, when asked why he decided to be in the business industry, he said: “Working in the business industry is rewarding, and makes you a great living. I aspire to be as motivational as I can to the many others around me.”

One among 10 of Marks Heeley Ltd’s employees is Joao Pita, the Cad Technician. The 29-year-old has been working at the company since August 2018 and really enjoys it. Prior to working at Marks Heely Ltd, Joao graduated university with an Architecture Master’s Degree and progressed onto working with multiple architectural design companies before joing Mark Heeley Ltd.

When asked about why he decided to be apart of a business like Marks Heeley Ltd, Joao mentioned: “My background is architectural, so it was an instant match. It’s an amazing feeling to amplify my knowledge at Marks Heeley more each day.

I grew up in a less fortunate environment, so it’s always been a goal of mine to better myself, and I knew that in order to accomplish that, I would have to head down the architectural/structural engineering route. I’m happy with where I am right now.”

Johny Sampaio, 32, is also a businessman who also works in the structural engineering industry. Johny co-owns a structural engineering company with his father who founded it in 2013. As Johny and his father’s business is a much smaller and more recent business, Johny is yet to dig deeper into the business industry and is excited to see where the business will take him in the future. When asked where he saw his business within the next five years, Johny said: “Within the next five years, me and my father would like to expand our structural engineering business as wide as possible.

“We want to be international, with offices in various other countries. That obviously won’t be easy an easy accomplishment, but we are both willing to work as hard as possible to ensure that we have at least one office that’s international in maybe 2021.

“But on a more realistic term, we’d like to see more income being made within the next five years, as our yearly income rate isn’t exactly where we would like it to be right now. So hopefully, we can be more widely recognised, nationally, in the next five years and make more income.”

Mark also talked about where he would like to see Marks Heeley Ltd in five years time, saying: “Expansion. We’d like to grow and expand as a company and hopefully have more associated offices around the country. But mainly, we’d to expand on working with more and as many new companies and being as widespread and as profitable as we possible. as we can.”

Comparably, Joao would still like to be working at Marks Heely Ltd within the next five years, with more responsibilities and finding more ways to help bring more income to the business. He wants to find constant ways to better himself as a person and as a structural engineer.

You can find out more about Marks Heeley Ltd on their website:

Structural engineering company is 'the fabric of building' in Bishop's Stortford
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Structural engineering company is 'the fabric of building' in Bishop's Stortford
Journalism student Zenya Betton had the pleasure of interviewing some members of staff at Marks Heeley Ltd in Bishop's Stortford. 
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