Tamara’s ‘Signed Songs’ is helping the deaf community every day.

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Growing up in Tamara Hudson’s childhood home was quiet. Yet did not lack fun and heart-felt family communication. 

BEING the only hearing person in her family Tamara took on a lot of responsibility from a young age, she talks about the times she has had to interpret for her parents and to this day she helps her sister at her place of work. Tamara says, “This was not a burden at all on my life as my first language was British Sign Language and this was the life I was brought into.”

When Tamara was younger, she started a deaf club called the Harlow Deaf Society for her family and friends. This meant they could get together and go bowling, bingo and other everyday activities to talk about their week. She also says around this time she wanted to put on a show for a Christmas party and sign the popular songs for the club. Her sister filmed it and put it on Facebook.

Tamara says “The video blew up and went viral. It was incredible because it was getting a lot of positive comments and spreading awareness. From this it then developed into a hobby and I started uploading videos regularly of myself signing songs on the charts so the people the deaf community could enjoy the lyrics as much as everyone else.”

Through the positive feedback she was able to get asked to do weddings, birthdays and even got to interpret for LinkFest in Harlow. Tamara has been able to travel around the country and help spread awareness and joy to those around her. The lengths she goes to for her community is absolutely commendable and there is not one fault, her compassion is incredible.

Tamara talked a lot about how spreading awareness is so important as there is not enough in our society today. She believes if we were to spread enough awareness, there wouldn’t be such a barrier between the hearing and deaf communities. Also, there wouldn’t be opportunities missed as we would have the knowledge of resources and help needed to support the deaf workers.



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