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Upcoming broadcaster in our midst?

AVA Solieri, a 16-year-old from Broxbourne, is bravely pursuing a course in journalism at Harlow College. She has plans to go onto broadcasting and follow in the footsteps of a role model in her life: Ava’s mum has a cousin who works as a broadcaster for Sky and this inspired Ava to take this course.


Besides journalism, Ava has many interests she enjoys such as: fashion and singing. When questioned about her interest for singing she responded with, “My dad is an intermediate singer, so from about six I’ve been passionate.” Ava went onto explain that she used to sing in pubs last year and enjoys doing karaoke as well.


The 16-year-old has recently attended Reading festival and although she was sick, she still had time to see and enjoy the Arctic Monkeys live. She also appreciates Adele and the music she creates. Ava enjoys watching romantic comedy films and especially enjoys watching the movie, “Notebook.” with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.


Ava hails from Broxbourne, where she likes how friendly the people are and how close Harlow is on a train ride. She lives with her father, Luke, her mother, Jenna, and her two siblings. Although Ava lives in Broxbourne, she used to live in Enfield. Before attending Harlow College, Ava attended Goff Academy.


She works as a waitress and her favourite food is pasta. Ava also supports the football team, Chelsea.


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